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Z Stones

Day 9 of the 12 Days of Yule!

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The Ninth Night of Yule

Sacred to Fathers & Odin

In many traditions of Wicca and Paganism, there is a great deal of focus on the Goddess. Sometimes, there’s so much attention to the feminine that the masculine aspects get overlooked. By welcoming the God of your tradition, you can honor the men who have impacted your life – whether they raised you, loved you, or are being brought up by you.

The ninth night of Yule returns us to Odin, the chief divinity of the Germanic pantheon. He was called the Alfadir (All-father), for he is the creator of the Germanic Peoples and the father of many famous, powerful Gods and human heroes. Odin is also a God of magic, war, and death. He is the founder and an expert in rune magic and the giver of spiritual ecstasy and magical arts to the mystics and Shamans.

You may notice that this isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Odin this Yule. Odin is celebrated in quite a few ways throughout the year, depending on your pantheon of choice. For example, April 22  brings Walpurgis (nine nights of Odin’s sacrifice on Yggdrasil), feasts in honor of Odin were often held during the Fall Equinox (September 20), Einherjar is observed on November 11, and as we mentioned on Day 2, the Wild Hunt occurs on December 21.

Whether it is a birth, a Wiccaning, the first day of school, or just a quiet moment in the house, fathers, and grandfathers, as it were, play an essential role in the raising of the next generation. Tonight,  consider adding a black candle to your altar as a representation of the divine masculine and its role in our Universe.